Mission Statement: To Help You Acquire The Best Tone Possible From All Your Tube Components

Ampmedic is known for trouble-shooting ability, meticulous soldering skills and creating reliability into every amplifier serviced.

Servicing All Tube Guitar Amplifiers: Marshall - Hiwatt - Fender - Gibson - Vox - Ampeg - Mesa Boogie - Crate - Peavey - Silvertone - Valco - Peavey & Boutique - Etc. 

Any Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier: Marantz, Fisher, McIntosh, AR, H.H. Scott, Heath, & Modern Boutique Amps of All Kinds 

Specializing In The Repair & Restoration of The Dead - The Odd Sounding - The Needy - The Hacked by others
Anything Powered By Vacuum Tubes

Treat Your Ears To Comprehensive & Improved Power Tube Biasing,  Power Supply Service & Power Capacitor Sales,  Amp Voicing - Improve Tone & Response

De-Hacking Vintage Circuits,  Improve Reliability,  Vintage Transistor Amps,  Expert Trouble Shooting,  Fast Professional Service 

My tone shaping skills are second to none as I listen with a discriminating ear and  remove unwanted hash, ghost notes & extraneous noise.

I satisfy the guitar player and audiophile alike as I go the extra mile to get 'YOUR' tone right... 

In addition, I repair, restore & sell vintage tube guitar amps, tube audio amps and preamps and solid state receivers.

You can be assured that when you buy a component from the ‘Ampmedic’, you will receive a clean, reliable, professionally serviced and beautiful sounding investment that will provide many years of trouble-free service.
During the past four years, I began specializing in the restoration of the venerable Harman Kardon Citation II Stereo HiFi Amplifier.

While building upon the foundation of the well known notable tech & premier Cit II parts supplier Jim McShane, I have taken this well repected amplifier to new heights of sonic perfection.

Being commissioned by a local audiophile here in Las Vegas,
more to come....