Mission Statement: To Help You Acquire The Best Tone Possible From All Your Gear
My name is 'Ampmedic', The Tech with Ears'..... I've been living in Henderson, NV since 10/03.

Formerly from Long Island, NY, where I had a successful guitar & audio amplifier service shop/studio.

I've since 'hung out my shingle' in Las Vegas providing professional guitar amp, audio amp & vintage radio repair services...

Known for my trouble-shooting ability & meticulous soldering skills,

I install 'hand selected' superior parts & components as opposed to off brand & cheap substitutes.

Servicing All Tube Guitar Amplifiers: Marshall - Hiwatt - Fender - Gibson - Vox - Ampeg - Silvertone - Valco - Peavey & Boutique - Etc.
All Hi-Fi Tube Amps: Marantz, Fisher, McIntosh, AR, H.H. Scott, & Boutique - Etc

Specializing In The Repair & Restoration of The Dead - The Odd Sounding - The Needy - The Hacked (by others)

& Many Not Powered By Tubes

Treat Your Ears To Comprehensive & Improved Power Tube Biasing,  Power Supply Service & Power Capacitor Sales,  Amp Voicing - Improve Tone & Response
De-Hacking Vintage Circuits,  Improve Reliability,  Vintage Transistor Amps,  Expert Trouble Shooting,  Fast Professional Service

My tone shaping skills are second to none as I listen with a discriminating ear...

Ampmedic satisfies the player/client & goes the extra mile to get 'YOUR' tone right...

I repair, restore & sell vintage tube audio amps, preamps & receivers & considering myself an audiophile.

I listen & remove unwanted hash, ghost notes & extraneous noise.

You can be assured that when you buy an amp from the ‘Ampmedic’, you will receive a clean, reliable, professionally serviced

and beautiful sounding piece that will provide many years of trouble-free service.

An amp that you will inspire you to reach new heights in your playing ability & proud to own with pride...

I personally package every item I sell & am known for my “terrorist attack proof packaging”, & prepare every item as if I were shipping it to myself.

Check my eBay feedback. I’ve been congratulated on numerous occasions for my bullet-proof-packaging. 

Check here often, as I will add pics of the many projects I work on & treasures I own. Thank you for taking the time to learn ‘about Ampmedic’.

I hope to have the opportunity of providing YOU, the guitar player and audiophile with the very best possible musical experience you’ve ever had!

Check eBay for Ampmedic 'Large Mass" Electrolytic Power Supply - Filter Capacitors'

a favorite among discriminating player/listeners  & amateur/professional service techs from all over the world...

In addition, notice the beautiful glossy, Hard-As-Nails finish on the pictured amps.

The Juice'  by Ampmedic is a Tolex/Vinyl Protector & Rejuvenator that dries Rock Hard to the touch

& has been applied for a finish that looks deep enough to dive into.

Read the eBay offerings to learn more. 700+ buyers can't be wrong.

Henderson, Nevada 89014

Phone: (702) 560-1043